About Us

Our journey began in 1992 in Lou Confessore’s basement. Here, Lou and his son Greg built the foundations of Breakers & Controls on electrical expertise, personal relationships, and hard-work. Lou and Greg knew how to go the extra mile for the customer on every order, and as a result their company steadily grew. Today, Breakers & Controls serves supply houses across North America, and stocks over 30,000 new and reconditioned products in their NJ warehouse.

Lou and Gregs principles continue to be instilled within the company culture. Our goal is to help you complete your project in the most effective way possible, and to build a strong, long-lasting relationship that will help our businesses grow together. You can rely on us to fullfill all of your specific needs, and our associates will do everything they can to ensure your total satisfaction. Be at ease knowing that you’ll have years of experience in the power distribution and motor control industry at your full disposal.